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Easy steps to get a job in Germany

Getting a job in Germany isn't easy, as many of the young people, but, on the contrary, is not impossible.
But those who want to find work in Germany must choose the right path for them.

First, a job-search visa in Germany

This visa is the easiest way for most people who want to find a job in Germany.
You can apply this type of visa through the German embassy or consulate in your country.
This visa allows someone to submit a request to travel to Germany in search of work in Germany, you can through this visa
Stay in Germany for six months, and German law can allow the holder of this visa to continue.
With employers in Germany to get the opportunity to work in Germany, and in the case of job search in Germany
An employer can apply for a transfer visa for a job in Germany.
To open a business in Germany, one can stay temporarily in Germany. ”

Documents required to find a job in Germany
  • Commercial registration and tax credit for self-employed persons or wage items in the public, private or public sector.
  • Bank statement for the last six months with regular deposit withdrawals.
  • The passport is valid for six months.
  • International medical insurance.
  • Fake plane reservations.
  • My hotel room is fake.
  • Certificate from the Labour Office confirming the occupation submitted to it.
  • Please note that the occupation you provide should be in your passport.

Secondly, he's studying in Germany and looking for a job

That's the best way to get a job in Germany, but now you're looking for a job in Germany.

You are here looking for a temporary solution to work in Germany during the study because the study in Germany is the chance that depends on a long-term perspective.

When you graduate, you can use your study visa and stay and work in Germany.

Read this article on the requirements of working in Germany for international students.

The actual benefits of the study can begin with work experience during the study period in Germany.

German law usually allows students to work 20 hours a week.
Allows students to work on the basis of interaction for 40 hours per week in public holidays and public holidays in Germany.

Access to employment benefits after the end of the study period in Germany, where German law allows students studying in Germany
Stay in Germany after the end of the Academy for a year and a half, during this period, the student can search for a job in Germany.

If foreign students get a chance to work in Germany during his stay in Germany, he can submit a request to German authorities to improve study visa to work temporary in Germany.

Third, a German tourist visa

If you want to find a job in Germany this method is easier than the former
To get a chance to work in Germany, but you have to look away and prohibit the company and stay away from eyes after their arrival in Germany.
If German law does not allow a person holding a German tourist visa to work in Germany through such a tourist visa.

During their stay in Germany, if a person can get a contract, they can leave Germany.

Returned to Germany on a legal basis through a contract with an employer in Germany.

The only drawback is that you are faced with this visa a short period of three months, because a person's ability to live in Germany through tourist visa is three months, therefore, the person does not have many opportunities to search for work in Germany.

But if a person has relatives or acquaintances in Germany, they can conduct an interview on the spot, during this period, because relatives and friends can help in early before his arrival to Germany, despite the complexity of this issue, they can find the job for you.

Therefore, this visit was not initially intended to create a job in Germany.
But to meet an employer in Germany face-to-face when the employer is not sure.
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