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Get a seasonal work visa in New Zealand

Registrations for seasonal work visas begin in New Zealand 

New Zealand Immigration introduces a recognized seasonal employer plan (RSE) to employ foreign workers in seasonal jobs in New Zealand. 

Foreign workers can work in the field of orchards and viticulture under this scheme. 

A Regional Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, is designated for seasonal jobs. 

This visa is also known as a seasonal work visa. 

Typically, seasonal workers are required to work in the field of harvesting, planting, harvesting and packing fruits, crop management and other agricultural areas. 

Do you need IELTS to obtain a seasonal work visa in New Zealand: 

There are no language requirements specified by New Zealand Immigration to obtain a seasonal work visa. Therefore, Ielts or other proof of proficiency in the English language is not mandatory for this visa. However, New Zealand is an English-speaking country, so it is highly recommended that you be able to speak English. The employer is free to claim any evidence of language proficiency. 

Conditions for obtaining a seasonal work visa in New Zealand: 

New Zealand Immigration did not mention any educational requirements for a seasonal work visa. But you do need to have some education in order for the New Zealand employer to be prepared to consider your application in order to offer you a job. Yes, you need a job offer from an employer in New Zealand to be eligible for this visa. 

Annual share of New Zealand seasonal work visa: 

A recognized limited seasonal work visa or a seasonal work visa is a quota-based visa. The number of 12,850 season visas was determined in 2018. Recently, the New Zealand Minister of Immigration announced an increase of 3,150 season visas. 1550 visas will be added for the year 2019-2020 and 1,600 visas will be added for the period 2020-2021. This means that 1,450 seasonal work visas will be available in 2019-20 while 16,000 in 2020-21. So, the total quota will increase to 16,000 annual visas in 2021.

New Zealand seasonal work visa features: 

The maximum length of a seasonal work visa is 7 months. 

This visa cannot be extended, so seasonal workers must leave New Zealand before the visa expires. However, a citizen of some countries may be able to get an additional two months to stay there. 

This visa cannot be transferred to any other business visa. 

A seasonal work visa holder cannot take care of family members. 

A seasonal visa holder cannot study in New Zealand. 

Eligibility criteria for New Zealand seasonal work visa: 

The visa applicant must be 18 years or older. 

The applicant must be in good health. A medical fitness certificate will be required as a guide. 

A police clearance certificate is also required. 

The visa applicant needs to prove that he is a real traveler and will not stay in New Zealand. Evidence of family links, source of income and travel history would be a good guide. Students can obtain a no-objection certificate from the current educational institute. 

Medical insurance from the accredited company will be required to obtain a seasonal work visa. 

Valid identification documents. 

The job offer from a recognized employer is the most important requirement for obtaining a seasonal work visa. 

Job offer from New Zealand seasonal work visa: 

To be eligible for the visa, you need to obtain a job offer and contract from a recognized employer. New Zealand Immigration has published a list of recognized employers to hire workers to obtain a seasonal work visa. Click to check the list of recognized employers. Once you click on this link, you will find the recognized employer list along with their address, contact details and website address. You must contact them in order to obtain information on the job offer to obtain a seasonal work visa. You must have a CV / CV and cover letter to send to employers.

You must have an appointment in advance to submit the visa application at the visa application center. You can arrange an appointment through a phone call or online 

For the registration invitation, click here:

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