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The best international organization that provides you employment contracts to work on European farms

How this site works
This site or is a British organization located in the largest countries in the world and it gathers all European farms organized to it and is trying to help them by bringing volunteers

The good and guaranteed thing is that you will travel to Europe

The organization is a mediator between you and European farms, farmers and employers, and helps you to obtain employment contracts

WWOOFing 'means global opportunities at scale on farms.

The volunteer or "WWOOFer" gets an opportunity to spend time on a farm, how agriculture works and what sustainable agriculture is. During your stay on the farm, you do not have to pay for your stay or stay. It is not a cash exchange program.

WWOOF is an educational program and provides visitors / WWOOFers an opportunity to learn what WWOOFing is.

It's all about learning how to farm, participating in the organic farming program, and learning about culture.

WWOOFing is a global movement, and the WWOOF-USA® host farm guide contains over 2000 organic farms across the country. Rural tourism is becoming increasingly popular.

Who can benefit from WWOOF website
Anyone can be a WWOOFer as long as they are at least 18 years old regardless of whether you have experience or not.

In some countries, those under the age of 18 can participate when accompanied by any adult parent or legal guardian.

WWOOFing gives you an opportunity to learn all about organic farming and do real physical work.

Aside from those listed earlier, WWOOFers will have the opportunity to help care for animals, remove weeds and help with harvest. Although a certain level of fitness is required for these tasks, you do not need to be exceptionally fit. Please keep in mind that tasks on farms change daily, so while you may get an idea of ​​the tasks to be performed, these tasks can change.

The countries you will travel to and the organization is to the organization
American countries and it is
Canada, Mexico, the United States, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay

European countries and it is
France Germany Spain Norway Iceland Iceland Ireland Croatia Romania Netherlands Luxembourg Portugal Serbia Finland Greece Latvia Belgium Denmark Estonia and other European countries

All you will do is enter this link:

Then record normal like any other site.

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